That One Random Blog (TORB)

TORB is a blog that I (David C.), started up in April of 2015. Here I post really anything, but mostly my daily happenings, pictures I take (photography!), and the projects I am currently working on. Expect anything from me, as I'll usually just post anything that comes to mind. I hope this blog will interest you- please feel free to look around and enjoy the content I post!

Who are you, exactly?

Well, before  I answer that, glad to meet you! I'm David Chen, more known as "DChen" or "Chennington." For all you need to know, I'm just a typical high school student with a lot more than people expect (not to brag, of course). Since this is the internet, I can't say too much about myself, but I'll tell you whatever helps.

Let's start at the beginning. Most people reading this don't know my background story, but some of my friends know it well. One thing: people know that I love working with computers. I started experimenting with Blogger in the humble year of 2009. I created some random blogs, such as the now deleted fictional library blog, and a blog about ducks (suprising, eh?). After that, around 2011, I started getting interested in photography and the gaming industry, and my first game, as for many also, was Team Fortress 2. Not long after, I started getting into games like Counter Strike: Source and Payday: The Heist. Moving along to 2014, I created a few experimental websites, like fvgaming.cf and davidchen.cf, which are all still in a WIP stage. In 2015, I'm still going strong and in many extracurricular clubs, and I'm even a Boy Scout. Thanks for reading, and enjoy my site!

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  1. German: Hallo David wie geht es dir?
    tschoe Lenja

  2. diskrepanz
    mir ist langweilig

  3. Ich schaue gerade aus dem Fenster und sehe ein Eichhoernchen

  4. Hallo david hier sind luisa und lenja, wie geht es dir?